Why InMetriks?

InMetriks provides you a unique insight into how your company’s energy performance compares to the rest of your industry. The tool has been developed using our extensive technical expertise and in consultation with multiple industry associations.

Benefits of InMetriks

InMetriks provides a complete package to energy reduction and compliance with ESOS. InMetriks has demonstrable experience in developing and implementing sustainable cost saving strategies, solutions & benchmarks for energy intensive business and industry. In choosing InMetriks for your route to compliance we ensure:

  • Industry technical expertise
  • Reduced complexity with the use of the supplied InMetriks energy audit framework
  • Industry and cross-industry benchmarking
  • Milestones to manage submission on time

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How Does it Work?

The InMetriks Energy Benchmark is a unique sector-wide initiative designed to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvement and costs saving. Each company completes a mix of supported and online assessments to determine how effectively energy is being used at different locations. These assessments include a mixture of quantitative and qualitative questions covering generic and industry specific opportunities:

  • Best practice measures
  • New technologies and innovation
  • Alternative energy & renewables
  • Energy management practice

The results are analysed and returned to participants, showing how well they are performing against category benchmarks. The process can be repeated on an annual basis and provides ongoing tracking of the penetration of best practices, technologies and changing attitudes.

Benefits for Participant Organisations

Participants receive a report, benchmarking their responses to the wider industry sector.

  • Identify gaps and opportunities for cost savings and reinforce good practice
  • Track progress over time and drive continuous improvement
  • Benchmark performance against peers
  • Engage board members in energy efficiency and drive change
  • Allows informed decisions to be made on energy saving projects

InMetriks is used by the following industry associations:

        British Beer & Pub Association            BMPA